Advanced Makeup Academy


Course Description

This is a comprehensive 96-hour Advanced Makeup Certification by the MASTERY and Ultimate Face Cosmetics. Upon completion. makeup skills learned can help launch a makeup career and build a versatile portfolio. This program was developed to meet the training needs for career freelance makeup artists as well as salons. spas. and medical spa clinics. Whether you are a seasoned Makeup Artist or a beginner. you will learn new techniques and skills to advance your career in the Beauty Industry.

About Ultimate Face Cosmetics

Ultimate Face Cosmetics• was founded in 2002 under the principles of Fashion. Education and Philanthropy. and was designed to be used, recommended, and retailed by beauty and fashion professionals to amplify the inner beauty of every woman. The Ultimate Face Collection consists of 17 custom formulations. and 135 shades made from raw ingredients and signature blends derived from nature. including a broad range of pigments to make the colors. The formulas were specifically developed to work interchangeably with one another to easily mix and blend. and have been professionally tested by top makeup artists and stylists.

Ultimate Face4D National Makeup Artist Program

Upon successfully completing all six modules. free-lance Makeup Artists can apply for entry into the exclusive Ultimate Face• National Makeup Artist Program to receive ongoing training and education. The Ultimate Face• Makeup Artist Team is a fun and motivating program to be involved in, and team members will have the fulfilling opportunity to share knowledge of Ultimate Face with salons and salon clients and become the voice of Ultimate Face.

What You Will Learn

The program is conducted in a three part learning system:Lecture, Demonstration, and Hands-on Learning. Each module covers and aspect of specialized makeup artistry.

  • CAMOUFlAGE PRO Paramedical Services. Introduction to Paramedical Makeup
  • ONSET PRO Session Work. Photo Session Workshop
  • FASHION PRO Mixology. Beauty. Client Makeover & Runway Makeup
  • BRIDAL PRO Wedding. Special Occasion & Multi-Media Expert
  • EDITORIAL PRO Glamour FX. Makeup for Print Work
  • STUDIO PRO Film & Television. Introduction to Special FX & High Definition

Curriculum Areas

Camouflage Pro — Paramedical Services. Introduction to Paramedical Makeup — 2-DAY MODULE hours

  • The Business of Paramedical Makeup
  • Building Your Paramedical Portfolio
  • Scope of Practice
  • Consulting Techniques for Paramedical Clients
  • Psychology and Communicating with Patients
  • Setting Up Your Work Area: Proper Sanitation
  • Special FX in Advanced Camouflage
  • Techniques for Correction of Facial Differences
  • Covering Scars & Tattoos
  • Preparing Yourself for the Paramedical Job
  • Health & safety in the Paramedical Setting
  • Teaching clients to Duplicate the Techniques at Home
  • Shapes Textures Colors & Contrast
  • Techniques for Correcting Covering & Reshaping
  • Participants Duplicate Camouflage Techniques
  • Complete Step-by-Step Client Makeover
  • Plastic Surgery Procedures
  • Skin Conditions Disorders & Diseases
  • Advanced Skincare Terminology
  • Paramedical Services Protocol
  • Types of Facial Differences
  • Retail Service Follow-up Plan

On Set Pro — Session Work Complete step-by-step client makeover Photo Session Workshop — 3-DAY MODULE WITH PHOTO SHOOT hours

  • Preparation & planning for photo shoots
  • Principles of lighting & photography
  • Types of specialized makeup artistry
  • Developing a portfolio for areas of specialization
  • Preparing yourself for the chosen job areas
  • Participants bring in their existing portfolio of work
  • Participants deliver presentations on areas of makeup specialization
  • Participants create two looks on two preselected models
  • Participants work on-set in a photography session
  • Gain invaluable real-world experience

Fashion Pro — Mixology. Beauty. Client Makeover & Runway Makeup — 2-DAY MODULE hours

  • Advanced Mixology Techniques
  • Facial Feature Measurements
  • Facial Contouring & Highlighting
  • Skin Structure Function & Care
  • Principles of Light Shade & Color
  • Setting Up Your Work Area Proper Sanitation
  • Application Without Cross-Contamination
  • Making the Essential Face Skin Eyes & Lips
  • Participants Duplicate Skin Eye & Lip Techniques
  • Defining the Clients Style Through Consultation
  • Appropriate Colors & Application on Men & Children
  • A Full Instructive Client Makeover
  • Consultation Client Card Body Language & Dialogue
  • Runway & Show Makeup Techniques
  • Lighting Communication & Professional Etiquette
  • Service & Retail Follow-up Plan
  • Create a Look for Runway Highlighting the Differences Application & Color Choices
  • Participants Duplicate the Client One-on-One Instructive Makeover Session & Create a Runway Look

Bridal Pro — Wedding Special Occasion & Multi-Media Expert — 2-DAY MODULE with *Additional Photo Shoot Day Option hours

  • Develop a Bridal Services Menu
  • Bridal Makeup for Color and Black & White Photography
  • Bridal Makeup for Video
  • Lighting and Tone Techniques
  • Photographer Requirements Specific to Each Session
  • Determining Outcome of Printed Work
  • Gray Scale and Pantone® Processed Colors
  • Wedding Day Details
  • Learn Collaboration Between Photographer & Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Pre-consultation
  • Day & Night Wedding Looks
  • Skin-foundation Techniques & Feature Contrast
  • Blush Contour Texture & Highlighting
  • Blending Foundation Wet-to-Dry Application for the Bridal Portrait and the Wedding Day
  • Eyes: Day-to-Night Looks Lashes Eyebrows Eye Shading Liner Techniques & Wet-to-Dry

Editorial Pro — Glamour FX Makeup for Print Work — 2-DAY MODULE with *Additional Photo Shoot Day Option hours

  • What is Editorial Makeup?
  • Principles of Editorial Work
  • Types of Editorial Images & Media
  • Developing a Portfolio for Editorial Work TFP
  • Preparing Yourself for the Editorial Job
  • Feature Focus for Editorial Techniques
  • Correcting and Shaping Features and Lashes
  • Participants Duplicate Editorial Techniques
  • Business Cards & Building Your Resume & Portfolio
  • Public Relations & Publicity
  • Special FX Techniques for EditoriaI
  • Communication & Professional Etiquette
  • Beauty & Glamour Special Effects
  • Techniques for Photography Film & Video
  • All Mediums Covered
  • Basic Terms & Techniques
  • Participants Duplicate the Special FX Techniques

Studio Pro — Film & Video Film & Television. Introduction to Special FX & High Definition — 2-DAY MODULE hours

  • Technical Guidelines
  • Types of Television & Film Makeup
  • On-Set Protocol
  • Terminology & Lighting for Types of Image Media
  • Keying a Script: Breakdown Continuity & Scheduling
  • Sketching a Work Plan for the Personality or Character
  • Types of Special Effects for Film & Television
  • Health & Safety While Working On-Set
  • Character & Aging Makeup
  • Blood Scars Tears Sweat & Dirt
  • Creating a Character: Historical or Futuristic
  • Injury Effects: Bruises Black Eyes Burns & Abrasions
  • Facial Hair Work: Burns Beards Moustaches & 5 o'clock shadows
  • On-Set Reality or Simulated Technical Creation
  • Review the Production Schedule Days Shooting or Simulation
  • Create Look Plan for the On-Set Reality Shoot
  • Timing & Staying on Track with Production
  • Hands-on Application According to Real On-Set Demands
  • In Simulation: Techniques are Duplicated & Timed for Reality On-Set