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Mastery Programs

The Mastery Academy is one of the only advanced academies in the country that offers 360 degree training in all beauty professional success skills. Through our ACE Beauty program, ACE Business program, Advanced Makeup Academy, and beauty / business workshops, we help aspiring professionals reach their fullest potential and become true masters of their craft. Browse our courses and sign up below.

ACE Business

The ACE Business program is a one-of-a-kind ivy league MBA type program designed to provide current and aspiring salon business owners and managers with the skills, knowledge, and specific tools they need to build and operate a highly successful, high-end beauty salon business.

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ACE Beauty

Earn your "masters in beauty" with our ACE Beauty program. This 17-week program offers advanced education in cutting, color and editorial styling while unleashing your creative artistry through hands-on workshops with industry icons, photo shoot work and more.

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Advanced Makeup Academy

A comprehensive six module 96-hour certification by The Mastery and Ultimate Face Cosmetics. AMA meets the training needs of freelance makeup artists in fashion, film, or editorial work, as well as MUAs working in salons, spas and medical spa clinics. You will learn new techniques and skills to advance your career in the beauty industry, while achieving a professional certification and becoming an Ultimate Face National Artist.

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    ACE Beauty July 2017

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The latest Mastery announcements, news flashes, and important calendar information.

Now Accepting Applications for ACE Business Class

New ACE Business class starting June 5, 2017. This class is only offered once a year, so contact our admissions team today for details.

Now accepting applications for ACE Beauty classes

New ACE Beauty classes starting March 6, 2017. Contact our Admissions Team for more details.

News and Events

Check out the latest happenings at the Mastery, then contact us to start planning your next event.

  • Editorial Intensive

    July 10th, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery Main Event Room

    July 10 - July 13, 2017 From agencies to unions and websites to photo shoots all of your questions will be answered by Los Angeles based editorial hair stylist Nicoletta Gauci. You will be guided through the inspiration process at the HIGH museum all the way to the image selecting of a collection in which you will complete your very own look shot by a professional photographer with agency models.

  • Makeup Intensive

    June 12th, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery by Esani

    June 12 - June 15, 2017 Join us for a week of hands-on makeup education from professional makeup artists Stephanie Floyd and Chawana Jones

  • Wig Works With The Teals

    June 5th, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery Main Event Room

    June 5 - June 6, 2017 This dynamic duo from "The Coolest Salon in Portland" are coming to the Mastery for an exciting and creative 2-day workshop. You will learn how to style synthetic hair into your own avant-garde masterpiece.

  • Mastering Men’s Cutting With John Mosley

    May 22nd, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery by Esani

    May 22 and 23 2017 Whether you have a passion for barbering or are looking to gain more confidence working with male clients, this hands on workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn from a true master in the industry.

  • Hollywood Hair and Makeup

    May 15th, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery by Esani

    May 15 - May 18 2017 In this workshop you’ll learn how to break into and succeed in the exciting world of film and television from some of the most successful hairstylists and makeup artists in the industry. This course will be taught by Camille Friend, Tym Buacharern and Tonya Cryer.

  • Long Hair Styling With Martin Parsons

    May 8th, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery by Esani

    May 8 and 9 2017 This 2-day workshop will feature hands-on education from legendary educator and upstyling mastery, Martin Parsons.

  • On The Cutting Edge with DJ Muldoon

    May 1st, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery Main Event Room

    May 1 and 2 2016 World-renowned platform artist and cutting master DJ Muldoon is coming to the Mastery by Esani for an intensive 2-day workshop on haircutting. The workshop will feature both live demos by DJ and hands-on cutting under his guidance.

  • International Techniques

    April 17th, 2017 09:00 AM The Mastery by Esani

    April 17 - April 18, 2017 Join The Mastery and Milo Maksomovic for a 2-day hands on workshop featuring the latest in European techniques.

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  • Advanced Makeup Academy

    A closer look at the Mastery’s Advanced Makeup Academy located in northern Atlanta, Georgia

  • About the Mastery

    Future Masters talk about their experience at the Mastery.

  • Milo Maksimovic

    Milo Maksimovic visits the Mastery.

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Meet the Team

  • Nicoletta Gauci Headshot

    Nicoletta Gauci

    Editorial Director

    Personal Bio

    Nicoletta is a unique blend of Los Angeles native with European flair. Leveraging her art training and experience in the salon and as an educator, Nicoletta has styled hair for numerous editorial and beauty shoots as well as for celebrity personalities and marketing campaigns. Her work has also taken her into the international world of art direction with her work being published in over 15 countries.

    She has been able to achieve great heights early in her career.
  • DJ Muldoon  Headshot

    DJ Muldoon

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    DJ Muldoon is the Co-owner of theFactory, a creative hair production space, and a creative cutting consultant and regular cutting guest artist at The Mastery. Having earned the distinction of being the youngest "Educator of the Year" at Vidal Sassoon, DJ went on to become the key architect of the cutting systems of both Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell. His work as a premier cutting artist, led him to join forces with Robert Cromeans and Takashi Kitamura to create aMulletProductions. Now he is spending most of is time educating hairdressers across the country at theFactory, The Mastery, and at the premier hair shows.

    The youngest “Educator of the Year” at Vidal Sassoon
  • Laura Purcell Headshot

    Laura Purcell

    Recruitment Leader

    Personal Bio

    Laura graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in public relations in May of 2014. As the Mastery’s Recruitment Leader, she helps guide Designers through the application and enrollment process so they can begin their journey towards beauty mastery.

    Guiding you in your journey towards beauty mastery.

  • Stephanie Floyd Headshot

    Stephanie Floyd

    Master Makeup Artist and Educator

    Personal Bio

    Stephanie Floyd was instantly drawn to the art of makeup as soon as she saw her first beauty ad in a magazine as a child. She was fascinated with making the everyday person look glamorous. Taking her first step into the industry she landed a job at MAC Cosmetics where she developed a familiar niche with various faces and skin types. Her passion grew for the fashion industry and she expanded her education by attending Paul Mitchell Schools where she got her first formal training. This is initially where Stephanie found her love for teaching. She continued on the path of education and now has educated over a hundred students through the Paul Mitchell School System.

    Educated over a hundred students through the Paul Mitchell School System.
  • Camille Friend Headshot

    Camille Friend

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    Camille Friend credits run the spectrum of film, television, print and music videos. Some of her film credits include Dream Girls, The Help, Pursuit of Happiness, Django Unchained, Hunger Games - Mockingjay, Captain America and The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. She has also worked with celebrities including Elizabeth Banks, Samuel L. Jackson, Octavia Spencer and more.

    Film credits include Dream Girls, The Help, Pursuit of Happiness, Django Unchained and more
  • Martin Parsons Headshot

    Martin Parsons

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    As owner of one of the salon industry’s most prestigious Advanced Academies for the past 30 years, Martin Parsons has shared his contagious enthusiasm for quality hair design education with tens of thousands of stylists around the world. Honors & awards include one of Modern Salon’s "Top 75 Educators" for the past century; "Canadian Hairdressing Lifetime Achievement Award;" NAHA’s "Lifetime Achievement Award;" and countless features in trade magazines around the globe. Martin is a proud Canadian who has travelled the world from North America to Asia, Europe and Africa delighting and inspiring audiences with his special brand of insightful techniques, creative styles and grand sense of humor.

    One of Modern Salon’s “Top 75 Educators”
  • Milo Maksimovic Headshot

    Milo Maksimovic

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    A Serbian native, Milo brings to The Mastery a European brand of hair artistry in cutting, color, and styling. With over 15 years of professional experience as a hairdresser, educator, and platform artist in Europe and in the US, Milo’s work has been featured in a variety of international magazines, including Estetica, Behind The Chair, and Moja Kosa. His many accomplishments include as a Paul Mitchell Platform Artist in Europe performing on the mains stage alongside Robert Cromeans and being creative hairstylist for leading international ad agency Leo Burnett. He is also published author of a book of poetry.

    Milo brings to The Mastery a European brand of hair artistry
  • Arlene Lyons Headshot

    Arlene Lyons

    Owner / ACE Business Leader

    Personal Bio

    After successfully leading and building new businesses in the corporate world, Arlene has brought her ivy-league MBA training and vast business experience to the beauty industry to create entrepreneurial successes with her Paul Mitchell School and now The Mastery. Recently acclaimed a "Business Outlier" by NY Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, Arlene finds passion and purpose in using her business knowledge to mentor young beauty professionals and to help elevate the beauty industry as a whole.

    She saw an opportunity to combine her ivy-league business training with the beauty industry.
  • Ryan & DeAnnalyn Teal Headshot

    Ryan & DeAnnalyn Teal

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    The dynamic duo known simply as "The Teals" has had their amazing work published in top fashion and hair magazines, such as Vogue, Modern Salon, Celebrity Hairstylist, and Hair’s How. Each being a celebrated stylist in his/her own right they travel the country sharing their incredible talents as platform artists and session stylists, while also finding time to operate an award-winning salon in Portland, Oregon.

    They travel the country sharing their incredible talents
  • John Mosley Headshot

    John Mosley

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    John Mosley has worked as a barber since 2001. He attended John Wesley Barber College in Long Beach, California, and now works as a barber specialist at Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa while working two days a week behind the chair at a barbershop. John has experienced many facets of the professional beauty industry, including platform artist, movies and TV shows, and magazines (ESPN The Magazine, Black Enterprise, and British GQ). He also participated in the Paul Mitchell/Paul Mitchell Schools’ Men’s Cutting DVD.

    Has work published in ESPN The Magazine, Black Enterprise, and British GQ

  • Tonya Cryer Headshot

    Tonya Cryer

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    Emmy Nominated Master Journeyman Hairstylist Tonya Cryer has perfected the art of hairstyling over 25 years studying under Olympic hairstyling masters. Cryer is a licensed instructor over 20 years and has mentored many of her peers in the film and television entertainment industry. Cryer has coiffed the likes of many talented artists employed by major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, TNT, BET, TVONE, DISNEY, CW, LOGO, OWN and more.Currently, Cryer is department head of hair for “Born Again Virgin”. Her previous positions for ABC included being key hairstylist for “Blackish”, “Scandal”, “Ugly Betty” and Disney’s “Shake it Up.

    Key hairstylist for “Blackish”, “Scandal”, “Ugly Betty” and Disney’s “Shake it Up
  •  Aubrey Harley Headshot

    Aubrey Harley

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    Aubrey Harley has been a Senior Educator and platform artist for John Paul Mitchell Systems since 1994. His work has been published in numerous trade magazines and he has traveled across the United States, exciting hairdressers and Future Professionals about habits that keep them motivated. When he’s not on the road, Aubrey enjoys his role as texture specialist at the Carolina Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School.

    Senior Educator and platform artist for John Paul Mitchell Systems
  • Tym Buacharern Headshot

    Tym Buacharern

    Guest Artist

    Personal Bio

    Two time Emmy nominated makeup artist Tym Buacharern is one of today’s premiere artists in all facets of media- from print, to film and television. Tym’s eye for detail, creativity, and sense of fashion makes him sought after not only for celebrities like Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Pink, Jennifer Hudson and Sophia Bush, but also by producers and directors. His past credits include Dreamgirls, The Secret Life of Bees, One Tree Hill, and So You Think You Can Dance. His work has been published in such magazines as InStyle, Glamour and Vanity Fair

    Two time Emmy nominated makeup artist

About our Mastery Academy, a unique educational institution that offers advanced training in various aspects of the beauty industry. Through our ACE Beauty program, ACE Business program and Advanced Makeup Academy, we help aspiring professionals reach their fullest potential and become true masters of their craft.

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